15% of operating costs – you can save so much on energy

Energy charges make up 7% of the total running costs of a small business, and up to twice as large. Ways to save on business energy is getting more. Among the most popular are the installation of efficient lighting, optimization of electricity and gas consumption tariffs or the overall modernization of buildings financed from grant programs. Companies save hundreds of thousands of crowns a year thanks to austerity measures.

For small businesses up to 50 employees, energy payments account for 7% of total operating costs . For medium-sized businesses, payments reach 10% and already make up almost 15% of costs for large enterprises. This was shown by the Good Finance carried out on a sample of 933 companies for Good Lender. Measures to reduce energy consumption can therefore mean cost savings of hundreds of thousands of Czech crowns a year for companies.

Up to 90% of the cost is saved by economical lighting


LED lighting technology, which can be installed in interiors and exteriors, is environmentally friendly and can save up to 90% on energy costs compared to conventional light sources. “LED lighting is particularly preferred by entrepreneurs. Compared to conventional light sources, it has a long lifetime, great energy savings, damage resistance and low heat production. Low maintenance costs of modern LED lights are also important for companies.

It is worthwhile to switch to a more advantageous tariff

Smaller and bigger entrepreneurs try to reduce energy bills. For self-employed people who work directly from home and for larger businesses based in their own buildings, it is advantageous to use, for example, double-tariff energy rates. “Every entrepreneur can apply for a two-tariff energy rate regardless of the size of the business. This rate allows you to switch between high and low energy tariffs, ” says Sean Cole from the Good Lender. The condition for obtaining a two-tariff rate is the use of electricity for heating or hot water. The advantage is that electric car owners can also arrange it.

Subsidies for entrepreneurs will help with modernization

Subsidies for entrepreneurs will help with modernization

Energy savings can often be achieved by modernizing production halls and other corporate buildings . For many companies, costly and extensive repairs are becoming more accessible through subsidy programs for entrepreneurs. Firms can, thanks to subsidies, significantly shorten the financial return on measures.

Subsidies can be used, for example, to replace lighting, building measures to reduce the building’s energy performance, increase the efficiency of production processes, and much more. “The aim of the Energy Saving Subsidy Program is to increase the energy efficiency of the business sector. The program is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. It includes small and medium-sized enterprises, ” says John Carl , a spokesperson for the entrepreneurship program, the Ministry of Industry and Trade.